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for Health and Well-Being

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Eclipse Yoga Centre offers an experience; lessons that go beyond exercise to encompass holistic tested methods in strengthening body and mind for true, complete health and well-being.

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The Benefits of Yoga

Experienced Teaching

Yoga Teachers

Eclipse Yoga Centre's teachers are trained to bring you the best in Yoga practice, offering dynamic, energizing lessons that stretch your limits. Classes are varied, based on Hatha Yoga which embraces all aspects of Yoga over time but includes a range of styles such as Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow. Meet our teachers by visiting our yoga team.

Eclipse Yoga Centre for Wellbeing

Eclipse Yoga Centre for Wellbeing offers a beautiful venue that provides an ambience not found elsewhere in the area. Enjoy yoga classes in a light, spacious and tranquil environment. The beautiful bamboo floor provides a solid, comfortable base both for yoga  and for the practice and the Total Release Experience®. For more information about our venue and location, visit Eclipse yoga centre.

Classes for all Abilities 



Find Inner Balance

Yoga helps you find peace of mind in unprecedented times.

Strengthen Your Heart

Yoga grounds you and connects you with the world around you, improving gratitude and appreciation for life.

Strength, Flexibility, Balance

Yoga enhances strength, builds flexibility, and improves balance and coordination.

Total Release Experience®

The ultimate solution for stress and anxiety which if unmanaged leads to illness and affects life longevity.

Unwind with Yoga

Yoga helps you improve your mindfulness by tuning out the world around you and focusing on the present.

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