Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're just starting out on your journey to a healthier lifestyle, or are looking to advance your training, we have the answers.





  • Why should I try Yoga?

    Yoga is a non-competitive practice for all ages from children to the elderly. After regular attendance one soon comes to realises the benefits on a physical, mental and often spiritual level.

  • I have never done Yoga before. Will I fit in?

    Mixed ability classes allow each individual to work to their own comfortable level. Newcomers to yoga fit in very well in any of our classes. There is something offered to everyone whatever their ability. As a non-competetive practice then all can work at their own pace.

  • What if I'm not flexible?

    Being flexible is certainly not a pre-requisite. However, with continued practice you will certainly notice the improvements in your flexibility and mobility.

  • What if I'm pregnant?

    If you are already attending a class it is important you let us know straight away. If you are completely new to Yoga then it is a wonderful way to prepare for birth. You can join the Mum’s to Be class after 15/16 weeks provided there are no complications.

  • What about other health problems?

    If you have any injuries, recovering from illness, blood pressure, back problems or other health concern then please do come and talk to us. Consideration will be given to your needs in the class whether you integrate into a general class, attend the gentle yoga class or arrange one-to-one tuition.

  • What should I wear?

    Wear non-restrictive, loose comfortable clothing, tracksuit, leggings or shorts and a T-shirt. You may wish to bring a warm top and socks for relaxation.

  • What should I bring?

    We do have a supply of mats, belts, blocks, blankets and other equipment that you can use, we also have a small range to sell. If you have your own and prefer to use them please do. If you would like to choose something different then please visit Yoga Matters who have an extensive range.

  • What about eating and drinking?

    Eating a meal within 2 hours of your class is not advisable, you may feel sluggish or even nauseous. Enjoy a light snack and eat afterwards. Drinking is not encouraged during class so as not to negate the benefits of practice. Water will be available however, should you have an unquenchable thirst at any time.

  • What is the class format?

    Classes run for either 60, 75 or 90 minutes. A typical class will start with simple breath awareness, warming the joints and muscles before practicing postures which the teacher will explain and demonstrate. Sometimes physical adjustment is used to help you become more physically aware or to help you deepen your practice. If you do not want this please tell your teacher. Classes end with relaxation. Depends on the class pranayama (breathing practices) or mantra chant may be included as well as aspects of yoga philosophy. They all add to the richness of Yoga practice.

  • What style of Yoga is taught?

    Hatha Yoga is the best description, which embraces all aspects of Yoga over time. However, teaching can be drawn from a range of styles including Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow and so on.

  • Isn't Yoga a religion?

    A spiritual practice yes but most certainly not a religion. Many have found Yoga can deepen their own faith.

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