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Eclipse Yoga Centre focuses on bringing you the best in Yoga teaching

However, it is also the home of her unique, empowering Total Release Experience® Programme to let go of deeply held tensions from past stress and trauma.  Find physical, mental and emotional balance, discover freedom from the past, and build resilience for the future.

Heal From The Past and Build Resilience

The Total Release Experience​​® is like no other. Discover how to let your body do the talking to release deeply held tensions from past stress, overwhelm and trauma.  

Like pressing your reset button start to feel freedom and peace like never before.   Read or listen to what others have to say.

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Total Release Experience®

A powerful and empowering programme - the Total Release Experience® is a life tool and a tool for life. Discover what it feels like to be free of the physical, mental and emotional pain from past stress, overwhelm and trauma.

Caroline is the programme's founder, which evolved from a practice she learned back in 2011 in South Africa. Now a much talked about subject in her #1 Bestselling book 'Feel It To Heal It'.

Now as an online course that can be learned in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Discover REAL Freedom now...

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Validated by Canterbury Christchurch University

Key findings following completion of our 4-Module Online Course:

We can be 99% confident that the results on the physical, mental and emotional improvements are not due to chance but a genuine statistical effect.

‘High-level anxiety and depression scores down over 60%.’

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Nourish your body and spirit...

Begin your healing journey today.

Talking didn’t work…

‘After having tried other therapies, mainly ones involving ‘talking’ which haven’t been successful, I decided to give the Total Release Experience​​® a go. I was unsure what to expect but have been utterly impressed with the sessions and feel relaxed. At one point, my heart started racing, which I linked to a pregnancy-related problem and was relieved it passed, and I felt better instantly like the problem and worry had dissipated. 10/10!’

Anxiety and Depression...

‘I can honestly say I’m now a different person. I do not have chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, or anything else holding me back now. I have energy, calmness, enthusiasm, and a spark for life, and if I ever feel any of these are slipping away from me, I have the tools to redress the balance again and am actively using them to do just that now. Thanks for introducing me to the Total Release Experience​​® and being part of my journey back to wellness.’    

Abusive partner and divorce...

‘I have been through a divorce after 45 years of marriage to an abusive and controlling husband. Approaching my 70th birthday, I have been suffering from sleepless nights for 7 years and repeated bouts of depression, unexplained stiffness in joints, and headaches. My yoga teacher introduced me to Caroline’s work. At first, I did not really know what I was letting myself in for. I embarked on a series of sessions, not knowing what to expect. After session one, I was more relaxed and sleeping better. By session six, I had started to feel my mood had improved. Christmas was approaching, and I was coping better than I had done in years. I was feeling more motivated for life and less self-indulgent with lots more energy.’