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Health & Well-Being

Eclipse Yoga Centre focuses on bringing you the best to manage your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Caroline is also the 'go to' expert on

The Total Release Experience®


The Ultimate in Stress and Anxiety Release

Caroline has created a unique programme that has evolved from a practice she learned in South Africa over 8 years ago.

Voted one of the Top 10 Women to Watch in Well-being, she is a transformational leader sharing her programme globally.  A lifetime of stress is held in the body's muscle memory.  Symptoms manifest after years of accumulation.  Stress is a silent killer.  Release the tension from the Psoas muscle and you find physical, mental, and emotional freedom like never before.

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Heal Yourself and Build Resilience

Practicing Yoga and incorporating exercise into your daily routine can have a profound effect on your life, with lasting benefits to your health and well-being.

However, there is more to finding complete freedom from physical, mental, and emotional pain.  The Total Release Experience®, requires 'No Talking' and 'No Touching' in fact now can be learned completely independently online.

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Simple to learn

Full education and guidance with a simple to learn yet powerful practice.

Physical, mental and emotional balance

Yoga is a great way to bring some stretch to the Psoas, but there is only one way to totally release.  Your body knows what to do but you have forgotten.   there is no better time than NOW to put aside the fears and change your life like so many others.

Empowering - Take back control

Whatever you have had to deal with from stress, overwhelm or trauma - and we have all had that experience, some more than others you can heal yourself.  There is no cure with talking, medication, self-medication or denial!

Rise up and become who you are meant to be

Everyone has something amazing to give the world. that includes you!  When you empower yourself with the safest and most powerful healing tool that becomes a life-tool you discover who you really are!

The Total Release Experience®

Total Release Experience®

The Total Release Experience® is a 5-Step programme that empowers learners to find physical, mental, and emotional symptoms from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and trauma.

Stress, Tension, and Anxiety accumulated from everyday life circumstances and the more traumatic events over time can make you ill. This can create a downward spiral leading to deeper anxieties that will impact you well-being on a physical and psychological level. If unchecked we risk relationships being destroyed, careers failing and unfulfilled dreams.

We teach you the practice, tailored to your needs and physical ability, and give guidance and support as the body releases through the natural release process.

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Nourish your body and spirit...

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