Our students are our biggest advocates.  We'd love to share what our students have said.

  • “I have been practicing yoga for nearly 7 years, the benefits have been remarkable. I have had a problem with my hip and back during my adult Life, resulting in pain and stiffness in my hip especially. I used to rely on anti-inflammatory medication and found walking any distance difficult. I have a light scoliosis in my spine and a slight shortening in one leg.

    Practicing yoga has strengthened my “girdle” and radically “opened my hip area resulting in a greater flexibility. The breathing and the exercises have enabled me to recognise and straighten my "core" in turn making me feel upright and balanced. The controlled breathing can be used in any situation and can help you feel calm in stressful situations The techniques we are taught in Yoga come part of every day life.

    I am such an advocate, because it’s made such a difference to me and my general mobility. I cannot believe the effect it has had. I am supple and have ease of movement. Caroline is very knowledgeable, and ensures you do not over stretch or cause yourself any harm. She watches and guides everyone in the class ensuring people are maximising their full potential. Her passion for Yoga is is incredible and drives us all.”

    Victoria C.
  • “I have been attending yoga classes with Caroline at the Eclipse Yoga Centre since January 2014. The Eclipse Centre offers a lovely warm, inviting, calm environment. It sets the right mood for the class which I felt when I first joined, Ii was important to me being new to yoga. Caroline makes you feel welcome and very much supported, she offers clear guidance to all levels of ability in her class so no one feels out of place or neglected. Her support and encouragement has inspired me and I feel in only 5 months I have developed my yoga skills from nothing to a level I didn't think possible in a short time.

    Now the thing that I think most would like to hear about. I am 50 years old and I'm of an average build but since doing yoga I've lost over a stone in weight and have dropped 2 dress sizes. I got diagnosed with arthritis in some of my joints, which has eased greatly. I suffered with back pain which I hardly ever notice now. My posture has improved immensely and I just feel so much better overall. My only regret is that I didn't start earlier but I've started now and I look forward to the classes I take. After a class I feel energised, unlike other exercise classes where I just felt exhausted.”
    Sarah Fagg
  • “Since starting yoga 10 years ago, it has slowly become a very important part of my life... Attending class twice a week helps to reinforce familiar postures and new ones learnt. It has certainly helped to calm and centre my dealing with everyday Caroline is always encouraging and takes you to new places that you never thought possible... a tremendous confidence booster.

    Listening to your own body is important , working with it at your own level. 'Yoga meets you wherever you are.' I enjoy the feel of the Centre. It is warm and friendly. New people are made to feel welcome and comfortable. Yoga is definitely not a war zone but I do feel I am winning tiny battles all the time. It is easy to feel the physical change as my muscles warm and breathing becomes balanced.”

In the summer of 2010, I spent one week virtually immobile suffering from a bad back. After recovering, I decided that I would seek to avoid a repeat of the problem by trying yoga. Caroline’s men’s class provided the perfect opportunity to start. Caroline’s careful teaching, guidance and consideration for each pupil’s strengths and weaknesses, means everybody can work to their own limits, whilst learning more about the techniques of yoga in each session and improving their physical awareness. This has everyday benefits in terms of feeling more agile and supple and I have also felt the effects of Caroline’s teaching when taking part in my sporting activities; running and cycling. I would highly recommend Caroline’s classes to everyone, whatever stage of the yoga journey they are on.

Philip L.

I have being practicing yoga for many years and have found Caroline to be the very best teacher so far. Whilst encouraging her students to stretch themselves to attain optimum results, she takes care to ensure that no-one hurts themself or overdoes it. I personally find her sessions to be of great benefit both physically and mentally and look forward to each and every one of them! Over time I have improved my postures and flexibility and feel so much better for it

Lisa Holden

For many years I was aware of the potential benefits of yoga in maintaining general fitness and in particular flexibility and suppleness of muscles and joints; but did little about achieving this physical state until my wife introduced me to Caroline’s yoga class in the summer of 2003. I have never once regretted this. Bad backs and stubbornly resistant joints and stiff muscles are a thing of the past. The breathing discipline associated with all yoga exercise, which helps bring a controlled ‘flow’ to movement is another benefit which one carries into daily life, especially helpful in managing moments of stress. I strongly recommend Caroline’s yoga class for any one wanting to improve ones physical wellbeing.

John McAllister

I love Yoga. I often do five or ten minutes in the morning to wake me up and I find this short practice gives my spirits a real lift first thing and sets me up for the day ahead. But this is no substitute for Caroline’s class. This is an hour and a half of mind and body synthesis that only Yoga can provide. We are often reminded that the postures (asanas) provide appropriate exercise at our individual level. We are encouraged to listen to our body because it is important to go only as far as our body will take us. Yoga is not a competition event it is an individual journey to mind-body-spirit harmony.

Jenny Crisp
  • “Having been doing yoga with Caroline for over a year I can say it has really made a difference to me. I am an active person and regular yoga has helped with my overall fitness. I have fewer injuries and have better flexibility and core strength. Caroline's excellent teaching also helps make sure that the psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga are brought out in the yoga we do. Thinking about what you are doing and why you are doing it makes the classes interesting and helps me learn to see how yoga benefits the whole person”
  • “I enjoy Caroline's class particularly as most of the postures she asks us to carry out suit all ages not just the very young. Caroline does not push us to do postures that we are not happy about.”
    Jean Glazer
  • “I have been attending Caroline's yoga class for about over 2 years now. I thoroughly enjoy the class and feel that yoga is an essential part of my life. Caroline encourages class members to progress and push themselves but at the same time work within their own individual limitations. Since I first started being taught yoga by Caroline she has increased the number of classes she offers largely by word of mouth recommendations.”
    Eve B.
  • “I have been attending Yoga classes with Caroline Purvey for 8 months now, having transferred from another teacher who had to retire. Caroline’s teaching is good, concise and clear. There is always a theme to her lessons which make them different and interesting. She embodies the true philosophy of Yoga, namely Body, Mind and Spirit. This enables each student to work in a holistic way. Being an OAP I sometimes feel a bit lacking in energy at the start, but this soon gives way to good self-discipline and I always leave feeling re-energised and younger!”
    Jennifer Dunkley
  • “Amazing venue. Warm, cosy and very comfortable. Great teacher also. I really enjoy my yoga here.”
    Jody Hogben
  • “I always feel pleased that I make the effort to attend. The classes are always interesting especially as we don't practise the same postures routinely so each class is varied and different which is good. I look forward to them and have now been practising for over two years. I have definitely noticed a difference physically - I can reach things in my top kitchen cupboards that I couldn't before so all the stretching has definitely been beneficial!”
  • “So welcoming and helpful from beginners to seasoned participants. Would recommend to anyone.”
    Ryan Darvil
  • “With Caroline you always test your limits with the goal of surpassing them but with a great respect of your body. After each class you feel alive and long after you still experience the benefit of it. Your body and your mind are fully balanced; like a warrior at peace.”
  • “Yoga isn't something I thought I would ever find myself getting into, but after learning how to do yoga, I love it. For my own personal benefit, I have noticed that my body and mind are becoming much more settled. I have struggled for the past 20 years with an illness, that impacts on my physical, mental and emotional being. Exercise was out of the question, because I was too fatigued and weak to do any. However, after learning to do yoga, which I have been doing for nearly a year now, I am amazed at how much I have changed in myself. I feel better in myself both mentally and physically. My body feels leaner and more agile. My joints feel more fluid and don't ache, I feel taller, calmer and more energised. I love that yoga is a slow-moving exercise, that has really helped me.

    The atmosphere in the class is relaxed, but at the same time, everyone is focused. Caroline, our yoga teacher, is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful in classes, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned yogi, she will guide you through each element when doing yoga postures. From teaching breathing technique to how to hold a yoga posture, to her soothing voice during the relaxation process at the end of the session, I enjoy every aspect. Caroline is a very warm and welcoming Lady, who has helped me greatly in my own journey. If anyone asked me, would I recommend trying yoga, then I would say yes. The benefits you will feel after are amazing. So try the Eclipse Yoga Centre and see for yourself, how much better you can feel. I am sure you will be glad you made the right decision, just like I did.”

Still not sure if Yoga is for you?

Yoga is a practice where you cannot perceive the benefits until you get started. If you have questions, give Caroline a call and have a chat about the benefits of yoga and how we can help you achieve your well-being and fitness goals. Only you can decide when to start your journey to a happier, healthier you.

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